Disk Union 的广告文案「Dive Into Music」

日本的大型二手唱片连锁店 Disk Union 有一段英文广告文案。一读就知不是英语母语人写的,但正因如此,生鲜之力反而在两种语言摩擦的缝隙间渗出。内容上说,这段话虽是广告,但点出了唱片店相对于音乐流播服务的许多重要优点,而且它和我逛 Disk Union 时的感受完全一致,故抄录与大家共享。「漫步在音乐史的走廊」和「让美和灵感压倒自己」不是空洞陈腐的文字障,而是真实无比的体验。最关键的是,这种体验只能在实体空间获得。Gigabytes, terabytes, petabytes 都压不倒人;literally and metaphorically。


Journey towards the world’s deepest music experience.

Nowadays, any song is just a click away.
Stream. Download. Share. Repeat.
This is the era of convenience.
Like collectively staring out at the same ocean from a distance.
We all listen to the same music. Any time. Anywhere.

But shouldn’t there be something more?
The fresh feel of a new record in your hands for the first time.
Traveling through the aisles of music history with your own feet.
Letting all the beauty and inspiration overwhelm you. (Rather than letting all the gigabytes overwhelm you.)
This is what it means to truly discover your own music,

That is why we must dive.
Deeper and deeper. Into the unexplored depths.
Encounter songs you’ve never experienced before.
Towards worlds you have never heard.
Further and further toward the limitless ocean of music.